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Submission details

Projections is developing a library of silent* artworks from which to draw for nightly programming. This will be an ongoing process; there is no deadline.

The transient setting and varied texture of the programming will dictate that short, time-based media works as well as still images are most appropriate. However, work with rich content of any duration, which can be appreciated in passing as well as studied at length will be considered. The work can be narrative or abstract, but needs to be sensitive to local community standards of decency for public art.

The work will be projected in MPEG2 with at least a 720 x 480 resolution. Final versions will be accepted in other computer digital file formats such as Quick Time, AVI or MPEG2, as uncompressed as possible. FTP access is encouraged.

Artwork accepted will be of a purely visual nature

*Works which are submitted that contain sound will be considered with the understanding that the visual component
should stand on its own, and that the audio should not be integral to the piece. A decision has been made to install
speakers in the coming months at the location of the projection for special screenings, but the project will continue
to focus on work of a primarily silent nature.

To submit works for consideration for inclusion in the “Projections” library.

You may provide links to a streaming version on the Internet or for full, uncompressed artwork provide an FTP address,
file name and password
Email compressed representations no larger than 5 megabytes to: projectionsonlake@gmail.com.

All submissions must include:
1. A short artists' biography
2. A short, one paragraph description of the work.

If accepted, the artist will return by mail a signed, non-exclusive artist’s contract allowing “Projections” to use the clip for the life of the project, with the understanding that Projections will not use it anywhere else in any form without permission.

Thanks very much for your interest in this project.
David Bradshaw, Curator