Since 2007, a nightly outdoor public projection of the work of a wide variety of artists, working in diverse media.

In addition to the repeating weekly schedule, Frequent special screening s and events are held. 

A City of Pasadena Public Art Program Produced by Wasserman Real Estate Capitol, LLC

As part of the City of Pasadena's Public Art Program for the Granite Park residential condominium development located at Granite Drive, this 15 x 20 foot projection is a selection of both still image and time-based media underscoring the unique power of purely visual content in artist-made films, videos and still images.

Projections uses the Shops on Lake project, a redevelopement by Wasserman and already home to Vito Acconci's "Mobius Bench", as a canvas.





ADDED ARTWORKS   The website carries a schedule of each day's programming and brief artists' biographies . The program varies throughout the week.

Contact: David Bradshaw